Selected work

Kauneus & Terveys

A complete redesign of a large Finnish beauty & health website. I did the visual design and created the digital brand.

  • Kauneus & Terveys
  • Kauneus & Terveys
Boxer Done for Fjord

Design and concept of Boxer’s web site, a pay TV provider operating in Sweden and Denmark. The work focused on the design drivers simple, transparent, guiding and content first. We wanted to shift away from the industry norm of selling channels and packages, to instead let the actual channel content be the deciding factor for the user. A great deal of effort went into designing a smooth and guiding experience, from discovery all the way through to check out.

  • Boxer
  • Boxer

HealthSPA is a Finnish health ecosystem booster, organising events and enabling matchmaking. I helped them by designing their identity and web presence.

  • HealthSPA
  • HealthSPA

Minduu connects customers with the right mental health professionals. I created their visual identity and designed their web service.

  • Minduu

Visual design for a large scale property asset management service. The service provides the assets managers with glanceable information and allows for easy access to detailed data to make it easier to explore, manage and develop the portfolios.

  • Assetti

Identity and design for a meditation tracking app. You can track your mediation sessions, time and intensity, in order to help you to develop your practice and see how you are progressing. Download the iPhone app

  • GOM

Visual identity and web site design for an early-stage venture capital company. They wanted their brand to feel more like the start-ups they work with, modern and energetic.

  • Inventure
  • Inventure

OmaTauko is a health service for encouraging employees to take short exercise breaks during the work day. I designed the Windows phone app for them, as well as a web admin interface.

  • OmaTauko 1
  • OmaTauko 2

Identity and design for Wellmo, a comprehensive mobile wellness service which allows tracking various areas of one's wellbeing.

  • Wellmo

Identity and packaging design for a range of cold pressed canola oils. The flavoured oils are distinguished with unique colour palettes.

  • Neito 1
  • Neito 2
World Design Capital Done for Fjord

Design of the entire World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 mobile presence, including five native clients. It gave visitors fresh and geographically relevant news and information about the events taking place throughout the design year.

  • World Design Capital 1
  • World Design Capital 2

Moln is run by Roope Roine, Mountaineering and Sea Kayaking Instructor and all around super guy. I have worked with him for years, creating everything from the visual identity and stationery to a responsive web site and brochures and posters.

  • Moln 1
  • Moln logo
PlayTV Done for Fjord

A pitch for creating a new Finnish online TV service, combining the offering from several different channels in a unified and compelling way.

  • PlayTV 1
  • PlayTV 2

The visual identity for a TV travel show about Canada, drawing inspiration from the great outdoors with a weather-beaten and rugged feel to it.

  • Underlandet 1
  • Underlandet 2